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Top 5 Must-Do Attractions at Magic Kingdom (with no height restrictions)

People know that I am a big proponent of visiting Walt Disney World (WDW) with young children. In my view, there is no such thing as being too young to visit The Mouse.  There is just so much to do and experience with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. My advice is to experience as many of these attractions as possible before your young children lose interest. I noticed this happened on our latest trip to WDW with my two boys, now 5 and 4; once eager to endure long lines to meet Characters like Princesses and The Fab Five and gather autographs, they were now more interested in experiencing ride attractions. As a big fan of Character Experiences (Meet and Greets), I took this as a big lost, but it made me glad that I had the opportunity to take my children to WDW when they were young enough to appreciate these experiences.

There is simply nothing more magical than experiencing WDW through the eyes of a young child. In particular, Magic Kingdom holds a special place in my heart. We’ve made many memories here; it stands as our family’s favourite park and is great for young children. I’ve been asked what my top 5 attraction recommendations are with no height restrictions. Based on my family’s experiences and favourites, the following are my top 5 must-do attractions at Magic Kingdom:

  1. Disney’s Electrical Parade


If you’ve never experienced Disney’s Electrical Parade, you’re in a for a real treat. There is simply no parade like it on this earth. In fact, I should warn you that seeing a Disney parade will probably forever spoil any other parades you will see. It is a 20 minute parade filled with spectacular lights and floats, your favourite Disney Characters, and very talented performers. This is a beloved event that is only available on certain nights and there are usually two shows; although more crowded, the earlier show may fit better with sleep schedules of families with young children, as they tend to head back to the resort right after the parade. It’s a great way to end the day at Magic Kingdom.

2. “it’s a small world”

Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney World Resort website

A Walt Disney World classic, “it’s a small world” is a slow indoor boat ride featuring children (animatronics) from all over the world singing its beloved theme song promoting world peace. Be forewarned that you’ll probably have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day after you experience this attraction!

3. Peter Pan’s Flight

Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney World Resort website

One of my boys’ favourite attractions, this is a must-do every time we visit Magic Kingdom. Your family will “soar through the sky” on a pirate ship and view the lights of London and beloved Characters from Never Land. Bonus if you can reserve a FastPass+ for this attractions, since it’s very popular and usually has wait times that are over 1 hour.

4. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort website


Although my boys are not that familiar with the Winnie the Pooh books or films, they certainly love this attraction. It is made for families with young children in mind, including the interactive queue line with activities to entertain your children for the entire wait. My boys probably love the interactive queue line as much as the ride itself.

5. Character Experiences

My boys with Ariel at Ariel’s Grotto at ages 4 and 3.

Since the age of 2, my boys LOVED meeting Disney Characters, even if they didn’t know who they were. Maybe that’s just my kids, but they were never afraid of Characters like some children are. Maybe it helps that I gave them autograph books to get the Characters to sign, which gave them motivation and something to do while they were with the Characters. Of course, the Disney Characters are trained to help your children fall more at ease with them and will interact with you and your children to make it a magical moment. My son loves to tease Donald Duck by telling him he’s Number 2 (Donald’s reaction is priceless). The Cast Members will take photos for you so don’t forget your camera!

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