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5 reasons why your kids will love Disney Pin Trading

5 Reasons why your kids will love Disney Pin Trading


What is Disney Pin Trading?

Disney Pin Trading is when Guests trade official Disney pins with Cast Members and other Guests at the Parks and Disney Resorts.  It is interactive and fun and makes for a great hobby that the whole family can participate in while you’re on your Disney vacation. Pins can be purchased before your trip from eBay and other websites in expensive lots (although you need to watch out for fake pins) or directly at the parks. The best trading pins are ones that come in Booster Sets, which are sold by Disney in packs at a better value and are meant to be collected and traded with Cast Members and other Guests. Below is a sample of a booster pin set we have that comes with 6 pins retailing for $29.95 USD:


So why will your kids love Disney Pin Trading?

1) They will love interacting with Cast Members

Cast Members are very friendly and they love interacting and pin trading with children.  It’s a one-on-one interactive experience and Cast Members will make sure that even the shyest kids have a great trading experience. TIP: Look out for Cast Members with GREEN lanyards. Only children are allowed to pin trade with them and they tend to have great pins on them! For pin trading etiquette, click here.

2) They get to wear cool accessories

You can get lanyards from the Parks or purchase them before your vacation from sites like ebay and Etsy. Some home-made lanyards offered on these sites are adorable! You can get a starter lanyard from the Parks with trading pins included.  Here is a pic of a starter lanyard pin set from the Disney Store website:


You’ll see plenty of lanyards on Guests and Cast Members at the Parks. They are a great way to show off pins. However, I’m always paranoid about my kids losing pins, especially with the way they fiddle with them all of the time. So I prefer these handy pin bags, which can be purchased at the Parks:


3) They get to take home a great souvenir

Disney pins are just really great pieces of small artwork to be appreciated by people of all ages. Stuffed animals and toys get purchased, played with and forgotten.  When kids take pins home, they can display them, collect them, and continue trading them.  It’s a hobby that can stay with them for years to come and even into adulthood (I am an avid Disney pin collector myself).

4) They get to choose what they want to collect

Kids love deciding on which pins to trade for. Some kids will just pick whatever suits their fancy. Others, like  mine, are very specific about what they collect and love the thrill of the hunt for something specific. For example, both of  my sons mainly collect Star Wars pins. But they also enjoy collecting Disney pins of attractions that they have been on at WDW.  Here are some pics of their collection:



5) They create great memories

I’ve heard from other families who have pin traded mention what fond memories they have of these experiences. They look at pins they have collected, whether it was on one trip or several over the years, and remember where they traded and whom they traded from.  They remember the conversations they may have had with that Cast Member or the thrill of finding that pin on a lanyard or pin board standing out at them amongst others and the exhilaration they felt.

In my opinion, pin trading is just one of the many great options you have as a family to partake in while on vacation at the Disney Parks and Resorts.  It’s unique, affordable and fun for the whole family.

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