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MagicBands: What are they and why your children will love them


What are MagicBands?

In 2013, Disney came out with MagicBands, which are plastic waterproof wristbands that uses radio frequency technology that allows Guests to scan them to do the following:

  • Get access into the parks (by linking their park admission tickets to their My Disney Experience  account)
  • Get access into their Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms (instead of a card or key)
  • Make food and merchandise purchases to be charged to their Walt Disney Resort hotel room during their stay.
  • Check in at FastPass+ entrances.
  • Connect PhotoPass and Memory Maker images to their My Disney Experience (MDE) accounts.

They are included with your Walt Disney World Resort hotel stay and you’ll be able to customize them with your names and colour before your vacation (American Guests will receive theirs in the mail and Canadians and other international Guests will receive them when they check into the resort). You can also purchase one from the Disney Parks or the Disney Store starting at $12.95 each and the package looks like this:


I recommend going on YouTube to check out videos if you’re unfamiliar with MagicBands and how they work. Here’s a great little video from Walt Disney World Resort introducing the above features I mentioned:


Why your children will love them…

1. They fit small arms!

My little ones have teeny tiny arms. These MagicBands are adjustable and allow you to make them smaller to fit even infants.  As an adult with a very small wrist, I also found this to be of benefit.


2. They can be customized with names

My sons love the fact that the MagicBands have their names printed on the back of them. It makes them feel personal and special.


3. You can purchase accessories for them

For as low as $6.95, you can buy a set of MagicBandits from the Disney Parks, Disney Store and even on Ebay to truly customize your MagicBands.  They come in a variety of themes and designs and are sure to be a big hit with Disney fans and collectors and new designs are always coming out.  They all come in a package that looks like this:


When we went to the Parks last fall, my sons just had to have the Star Wars MagicBandits.  It was $12.95 and came with four. We are a family of four and had a lot of fun switching them up every day and taking turns wearing a different one. Since my boys had such small wrists, they couldn’t put more than one on each band, but I’ve seen older kids and adults wear multiple MagicBandits on their MagicBands like this:


4. They love wearing them!

So I am still not sure why but my kids love wearing their MagicBands, even after the trip. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re called MagicBands. My kids have found imaginative ways to use them in their every day play at home.  Just remember to keep them and don’t throw them out; they can re-used up to approximately two years after activation.

2 thoughts on “MagicBands: What are they and why your children will love them

  1. Hi Diana, I didn’t think my son (at 3.5 yrs last yr) would wear his band and had prepared myself to have to wear his too. But surprisingly he did. I was even prepared to buy him a jack skellington add-on as insurance. Each time we left our room we did a little cheer and held up our bands and then off we went. This year he has picked out all of our colours for our Sept trip. It’s the little things that get them excited.

    1. Hi Allaina. I completely agree with you. There is just something about Disney World that I find just brings out the best in my little boys. They’re very open to new experiences that they normally wouldn’t be receptive to at home. That’s why we love it so much!

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